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Just one another about me page on the Internet, this time it will be about ” Pooria Haddad “, who is the researcher of the computer and of course Artificial Intelligent(AI).

People maybe explain me as a Dreamer or who think about things that may not happen ever. I would admire them and say: Yes, That’s me!

I’m not shy when I speak about my dreams, cause I’m sure that best and great things in our world came out of one funny or maybe laughable dream… and there’s more to come!

When I built my first program in Artificial Neural Network(ANN), I was a teenager who stared Computer Software Engineering in bachelor degree just for few months, and that program was one of my dreams just came to life. He(that’s how I call my program!) was genius enough to recognize my handwrite after training for it.

Now after years I end up my master degree in Computer Science and thesis in Artificial Neural Network.
Now I’m CEO and Co-Founder of GreenYas Company, help head’s of businesses to grow up their startups, work as a mentor in startup events, business events speaker, researcher in ANN and Artificial intelligence of software, and trying to bring thousands of people dreams to real world.

Whenever someone wants my advice for success, I tell him/her that:

 Choose one great dream as your goal in your life, and try to pick the most unattainable one. Because if you choose one simple dream for your life, after reach that, you have no motivation for continue more!

In this website I share with you parts of my knowledge about computer related subjects, Artificial Intelligent, and all things that can be useable for any computer lover like me!

I hope you find this website’s contents useful, share your knowledge with us and find your unattainable dream to follow here!

I am a programmer in almost every programming language and also business manager. You can see my complete resume in my LinkedIn profile.

You can be in touch with me through:

Email: haddad.pooria@yahoo.com



Or just simply search “POORiA Haddad” in google and you’ll see it all.And it will be my pleasure to contact you back. Thank you for your time.

Some of International Certificates

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